Our company has access to a broad of range of jobs in Canada for foreign workers at all levels of experience and qualifications.

By registering with Mind Consulting, you are giving yourself a chance to be presented to Canadian employers by being included in our pool of talented candidates. We ask jobseekers to register their interest in working in Canada whereby we help develop your Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) for presentation to employers who have a demand for workers such as you. This is not a “one shot” process. Once you have registered with Mind Consulting, you will have the potential to be selected for presentation to multiple job opportunities as they become available now and in the future.

The range of jobs spans from factory workers, construction workers, and artisans to office staff, high-tech specialists and business managers. Canada has many available jobs which allow foreign workers to come to Canada with a work permit which can lead to permanent residency. A job candidate can be male, female, single or married with a family. Selected candidates' spouses and dependant family members are welcome to accompany the candidate to live in Canada.

If you are interested in an opportunity, please fill in the registration request form below so we can begin to review your qualifications and work experience.


Your family is welcome to live with you in Canada for your new job. In addition to your work permit, spouses and common-law partners of successful candidates may be eligible for open work permits by the Canadian government. Your children will go to school for free and your whole family will have free Canadian healthcare. We encourage couples to both apply for jobs because it increases your family's chances of being selected by an employer. Mind Consulting will assist both you and your spouse in finding jobs. With both you and your spouse being able to work in Canada, our experience has been that your family will become high earners and have the opportunity to accumulate great savings. In addition to our employment services, our team is standing by to help your family with your settlement in housing, schools and your local Canadian community.


Please see below the process for registering, opening your personal profile and the steps toward being hired by a Canadian company

Registration Request

Send your registration request using the simplified form on this site.

Your Mind Consulting Profile

Once you have registered, our team will contact you in order to set up your full Mind Consulting Profile.

Your Presentation to Employers

Once your C.V. is in proper presentation form, you will be ready for our successful presentation of you to employers.

Your Interview Preparation

Once you have expressed an interest in a job(s) proposal, Mind Consulting will prepare you for the interview(s).

Your Job Offer

Subsequent to your interview, Mind Consulting will present you with the employer(s) job offer(s) and help you negotiate the terms. This includes coordinating the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) associated with your job.

Your Work Permit

Once we have concluded the negotiation of your job contract, Mind Consulting will facilitate your application to the Canadian government for your work permit. Mind Consulting will also gather job offers and negotiate contracts for your spouse which will fall under your spouses legal ability to work with their accompanying open work permit.

Your Settlement in Canada

Once you receive your Canadian work permit, Mind Consulting will assist you in settling in Canada by helping you and your family find housing, schools and with other governmental processes such as medical cards and driver's licenses.


Mind Consulting is a global recruitment and training organization with affiliated offices of Mind Lab and Accelium worldwide.

With over 20 years of experience in providing leading-edge and localized education training as Mind Lab, Mind Consulting is now providing global employee recruitment services for Canadian employers by helping employment candidates enhance their curriculum vitae and by matching them with the most suitable Canadian job

Mind Consulting is dedicated to providing best-in-class services to both employees and employers alike.


With more than 30 locations worldwide, Accelium is quickly becoming a global leader in game based corporate training activities. Accelium was born from Mind Lab's experience in delivering game based training for global educational sectors and is now enhancing Human Resource training services to both the educational and corporate markets. Accelium's global footprint is a natural platform for Mind Consulting to reach thousands of workers around the globe who have the desire to enhance their careers by making themselves available for employers worldwide. At the moment, Mind Consulting is actively processing candidates' Personal Profiles and connecting them to Canadian employers.


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What You Need To Know

Who can apply?

Anyone seeking to work abroad can apply. This applies to people with any level of education and work experience.

How do I find a place to live?

Together with your employer, Mind Consulting will provide assistance in locating suitable accommodation for you and your family.

Can my family come with me to Canada?

All dependant family members are welcome to join successful job candidates in Canada. This applies to spouses and children under the age of 22 years old.