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You've reached this page because our Mind Consulting team has confirmed your eligibility. You will now start Step 3 in our Process by registering for your own Personal Profile. Read the description below of some of the key elements contained within your Personal Profile.

When you are ready, take action by clicking on one of the Open-Your-Personal-Profile buttons in order to make the necessary payment to open your Mind Consulting Personal Profile & kickstart the Process.

Developmental Training

You will have access to our exclusive Interview Training Series, as well as access to language training & feedback on how to improve your Qualifications, in various forms such as Webinars. Furthermore, throughout your involvment with Mind Consuting, we will constantly be looking for ways to help you improve your Qualifications and make you more markatable to a broad range of employers.

Accelium Assessment Test

Our Accelium Assessment Test is not a pass or fail exam. The Assessment provides you and Canadian Employers with insight into your unique approach to problem solving. Combined with the written information in your Mind Consulting C.V., this assessment provides a complete 360 degree view of you for employers as a potential employee.

Mind Consulting Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Your Mind Consulting C.V. is approved and easily recognized by our Canadian Employers. When you complete your Accelium Assessment Test & study the Developmental Training Packets, your Mind Consulting C.V. will be updated accordingly.

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Additional Personal Profile Benefits

Your Mind Consulting Scorecard

The actions you take within your Personal Profile such as completing your Mind Consulting C.V., reviewing our exclusive Interview Training Series and taking your Accelium Assessment Test will all count toward your overall Mind Consulting Scorecard. Canadian Employers will be shown your Scorecard and they will use it as a tool for identifying the best possible Candidates for their open jobs. We will give you hints and help as to how to improve your Scorecard on an ongoing basis.

Your Mind Consulting Calendar

You will have a Mind Consulting Calendar. Your Calendar will let you know when our Interview Periods are active and whether or not you have been asked to participate. Your Calendar will also be used to schedule other important events in the future, such as processes related to obtaining your Work Permit and scheduling your Physical Landing in Canada.

Your Interview Feedback

Before every Interview, you will be given the chance to review your Interview Prep Packets. After you have been Interviewed by Canadian Employers, you will receive timely feedback from us about your performance. If you have not been selected for the job after an interview, you will be able to focus on our feedback and prepare yourself again for the next round of interviews. Throughout our relationship, Mind Consulting will always stand by you and provide you with guidance as to how you can improve yourself and increase your chances of landing a job.

One Payment Only

In order to open your Personal Profile, we require only one single payment of either C$70 for an individual and C$115 for a family (see below).

This is the only amount that you will be charged by Mind Consulting. This payment pays for your Mind Consulting C.V., your Accelium Talent Pro Assessment and your access to our Interview Training Series. You will not be charged additional fees nor will you be charged for anything related to your presentation to employers and placement in your job. If you are successful in landing a job, all costs and application fees associated with your employers application for your work permit and travel expenses will be included in your employment contract and paid for by your employer.

Please note: There is no expiry for opening your Personal Profile. Feel free to take the time you need to comfortably make the purchase. You can come back to this page at any time to open your Profile.

The Power of Choice

Before you proceed:

If you are married, you should consider creating a Second Profile for your Spouse.

The reason for a second profile is because Canada provides open work permits for husbands & wives who accompany their spouses to Canada.

Opening two profiles will double your families chances of one of you being selected by a Canadian Employer.

Once an employer has selected you or your spouse, both of you will receive work permits.

We are offering the Family Profile at a discount to help you and your family.

Please note: When you create a Family Profile here, there is no need to make a 2nd registration for your spouse.

Family Profile


Two Personal Profiles

Two Mind Consulting C.V.s

Two Accelium Assessments

Interview Training Series

Personal Profile


One Personal Profile

One Mind Consulting C.V.

One Accelium Assessment

Interview Training Series