This is where you will create your Mind Consulting C.V.

Your Mind Consulting C.V. is the most important tool we use to successfully find you the right job in Canada.

Filling out this form will accomplish the following -

  1. The information you write in your C.V. will build your profile within our system.
  2. Our team will use the information in C.V. to match you with the most suitable open positions in our portfolio. Your file will be continuously presented to every company that requests to view candidates with your credentials so you can rest assured that you will not miss out on any opportunities.
  3. Your C.V. will be the main tool that our team uses when presenting you to employers.

Please make sure that you answer each question with care & detail so our team can present you to every possible employer and properly represent why you are somebody they should hire.

Preview - Here you can see an example of what the final version of your Mind Consulting C.V. will look like.

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